Øyvind Gerrard Skaar

Hi, I'm Øyvind. I'm a freelance developer and IT consultant based in Oslo, Norway. I'm an independent consultant, developer and architect, working with Google Cloud technologies and Go (golang).

After studying computer science and working for a few years, I left my job in 2014 to start my own company and work as a freelancer and independent consultant. I've done quite a few things since then. Primarily, I've worked with startups and other innovative companies that use newer technologies and have a knack for creative, pragmatic solutions.

Having worked with startups in the past, I'm well-versed in on open source software and cloud deployments. My specialty is back-end, server-side technology and architecture.
Now it's all Go (golang) and Google Cloud Platform but previous technologies include: Docker, several cloud providers and languages such as Python (w/ Django), Perl 5 (w/ Mojolicious), PHP and Ruby (w/ Rails), as well as databases etc. See my CV for more.

This site is devoted to Go, Google Cloud and a few other technical topics.

I'm currently working on two projects:


reMarkable created a new type of device, a "paper tablet" to read, write and sketch on. I started working with them early on, in 2016, and created the first version of their cloud services. reMarkable Website


I also make and support a webapp for Intolife. The web-based application, called IntoFood helps with data-input and report generation. It also exposes a HTTP API for data exchange with partners. (Facebook page for Intofood)