A few places you can find Golang remote jobs

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Go is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software

— golang.org

Go (or golang) is a simple, general purpose programming language that excels at writing things like backend services. It’s the language used to make Docker, among many other things.

I’m currently using Golang almost exclusively and I’m looking for remote freelance jobs. I’ve therefor compiled this list for my own sake, but I guess it can be useful to others as well.

Websites specifically for Golang

We Love Golang

This is probably the site with the most Go specific listings. Many jobs in Europe and the US. It seems like searching for "remote" is not entirely reliable, so double check the results before getting too excited about a job :). This site also has developer profiles, and you can get listed just by tweeting them.


Also a good place to find Go-specific job listings. This site also have developer profiles, but registering here is more work since they require more information. Seems like most of the jobs are full time at the moment. Remote jobs can sometimes be US-specific.

Websites specifically for remote jobs


Great site with reposts jobs from other places. You can often click the "Apply for job" to get to the website with the original listing.

Remotely Awesome Jobs

Similar to the above, but fewer listings.


Remote / telecommute jobs site.


There’s a couple of listings here, try searching for "golang" or maybe "go".

Golang Forums etc

Gophers Slack channel

The Gophers Slack is quite active and has a separate "Jobs" channel.

The Golang-Jobs Google+ Community

Not super active, 2 postings in the four first months of 2016.

Hacker News Monthly Postings

Hacker News has monthly "Ask HN: Who is hiring?" posts. This is an easy interface view and search this posts, you can filter on words etc. More geeky than most job listing sites =)

General job listing sites

Angel List

Startup jobs in the US and a few other places around the world. (No search function?)

Remote Jobs at Angel List: https://angel.co/job-collections/remote

Golang jobs at Angel List. Varies how much these emphasize Go. https://angel.co/golang/jobs

Stack Overflow Jobs

Remote jobs tagged with golang: http:// stackoverflow.com/jobs?searchTerm=[golang]&allowsremote=true

Remote jobs containing the word "golang": https://stackoverflow.com/jobs?searchTerm=golang&allowsremote=true


I was supriesd to find a few hits for "golang" and "remote" on Monster.com: http://jobs.monster.com/search/?q=golang&where=remote

Others checked

No Go jobs when I checked.

No Go jobs when I checked.

No Go jobs when I checked.

Hard to know for sure, but I could not find any Go jobs when I checked.

Startups in the nordics. No Go jobs when I checked.

"Exclusive" site for freelancers. Don’t know if there’s demand for Go programmers here, they don’t list their openings. Last I checked (in 2014?) the onboarding process was very automated and not that great. You could not do it in Go, but maybe that has changed.

A collection of the best resources for remote workers.

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