Øyvind Skaar

Hi, I'm Øyvind. I'm a freelance developer and IT consultant based in Oslo, Norway. I'm currently 50% booked through March 2020. See availability for the details.

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What I can help you with

Are you working on building something new? Or maybe improving your existing back-end system? Do things move slower than necessary because you have to few programmers? Money is lost when features have to be postponed and the bugs that annoy your customers are not fixed.

Or maybe things are slow and you're looking to speed it up with newer technologies and smarter solutions?

I help build distributed, scalable and fast back-end systems. I strongly prefer simplicity and strive for it whenever possible. My current language of choice is Golang and I build systems on the Google Cloud Platform.


After finishing my MSc in Informatics in 2010 I worked as a back-end developer, and "devops" guy for almost 4 years before I started my own company in 2014.

I have experience with many different technologies and programming languages, especially on the back-end. But now I'm focusing on just Go and the Google Cloud Platform.

Availability in 2020

I'm currently 50% booked through March 2020 and activly looking for new projects for the rest of the year.

January: 50%
February: 50%
March: 50%
April: 100% =)
May: 100% =)
June: 100% =)
July: 100% =)
August: 100% =)
September: 100% =)

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Recent Go and Google Cloud Projects

Lately I've been working on a few different things:

Google Cloud project for a large, international company

Backend for a reMarkable

Blog engine for s Swiss media company

A distributed email address checker

Prototype "Social E-comerce platform"
App Engine

This blog

I wrote my blog engine in Go. Started writing this code before I knew much Go, so I'm sure it's not idiomatic :)

Websockets chat server

I'm working on a chat system using Websockets and Go: https://github.com/oyvindsk/go-websockets-test1 (Unfinished, it's changing back to a more distributed nature, with nsqlookupd)


CV (MSc in Informatics, 6 years of experience)

Other Projects and Clients

Intolife: Substainable food managment system

2014 - 2016

Backend, frontend, architecture


Shout Out Referral: Prototype design and implementation


Backend (App Engine), technical architecture

Intolife: Backend REST API

2015, 2016

REST API design and implementation (Perl5). API client example (php)

Picterus: Backend API for mobile app (Subcontractor)


REST API design and implementation. Backend (php)

Villoid: Backend Servers and API


Backend programming (Python and Django), freelance