Øyvind Skaar

Hi, I'm Øyvind. I'm a freelance developer and IT consultant based in Oslo, Norway. I run the world's smallest development & consultant company, as well as participating in a few other projects.

After studying computer science and working for a few years, I left my job in 2014 to work as a freelancer and independent consultant. I've done quite a few things since then. Primarily, I've worked with startups and other innovative companies where there's little bureaucracy and a knack for creative, pragmatic solutions.

I'm currently investing in learning Go (golang) properly after dabbling with it for the last few years. I also make and support a web-app for Intolife (homepage, project description) through my company.

Working primarily with startups means that I've use whatever these companies typically use. This places an emphasis on open source software and cloud deployments. My specialty is back-end, server-side technology and architecture.
Now it's all Go (golang), but previous technologies include: Docker, several cloud providers and languages such as Python (w/ Django), Perl 5 (w/ Mojolicious), PHP and Ruby (w/ Rails), as well as databases etc. See my CV for more.

This site is devoted to Go and a few other technical topics. For Lean Innovation or anything more business related, see my company website.